About us


Everybody starts small - just like us. From an adventure and a common vision we have made something special together step by step. 
We are proud of that.

Your hosts

We are not a bunch of experts but smart minds working together as friends and as a couple to make a big dream come true. Together, we put a lot of joy and passion into our project, that's what sets us apart.

As we were passionate travellers we used to stay in different kind of accomodations on holiday and often enjoyed special hospitality.
We therefore consciously offer the service of a Bed and Breakfast - and understand the personal care of our guests - and hope that you too will enjoy it.

The team

There is nothing more to say as just
warm, friendly, passionate and kind people
working together to make our guests feel
very welcome.

Private beach

As we are located at a hill side overlooking the most famous beach in Myanmar, we do not only offer the most spectacular views, we also offer to our guests boat tours to our own private Robinson Crusoe beach.
You will experience a mind-blowing natural landscape and crystal clear waters with a lively underwater fauna and flora.

Saltwater infinity pool

Spend time inside the salt-water infinity pool with its curved edge that you can swim up to and gaze at the most beautiful scenery overlooking the bright nature and the coastline. This is truly a peaceful retreat where guests can spend hours with their loved ones. A poolside gazebo is the ideal place for a massage as it comprises an indulgent spa room.

individually furnished and styled rooms

Every room is tastefully furnished and decorated and carries its own atmosphere.
Not one room looks like the other and there will be a style for everybody.
Come have a look and try us.

E-scooter rental for our guests

To stay flexible and get the full Ngapali experience take one of our e-scooters and explore the area

We are happy to introduce our newly build solar system to you.

We have chosen to follow various ecological guidelines.
This also means that we only run our 56 KW generator in absolute emergencies.
When we built our lodge, there was a reliable power supply in Ngapali and no local experts who could have supported us with the construction and maintenance of a solar system.
That has now changed. That's why we recently decided to install a solar system. At the moment we already have the possibility to supply the entire lodge with electricity for the light and the various pumps during power outages as well as the "Sunset Villa" with aircon supply for about 4 hours during power outages
This is possible due to the already installed batteries and inverters and some solar panels on the roof of this house.

We stay tuned and hope to be able to complete the system soon and provide our guests with all the comforts also in "Elephant House".

We are closed and will open again at 

01. November 2024

For further information please mail to:
[email protected]